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Palm Beach Criminal Lawyer

Being charged with or investigated for a crime can be a stressful and frightening experience, but there is no reason to face the state or federal government without an experienced Palm Beach County criminal defense lawyer in your corner. Thousands of defendants are charged with crimes each year in Palm Beach, and most of these defendants have steady jobs and families that depend on them. Florida criminal attorney Benjamin Herbst believes that spending one day in jail is too much, and even misdemeanor criminal or traffic convictions permanently affect a person’s ability to get a job or earn a promotion. He fights tirelessly for all his clients in order to achieve the best possible outcome, while at the same time he keeps his clients informed each step of the way. If you or a loved one is facing charges call Palm Beach criminal defense lawyer Benjamin Herbst anytime at (954) 543-0305 for a free consultation. Benjamin is available 7 days a week and is willing to meet in a convenient location if coming to our office is not feasible.

Palm Beach County is the third largest county in Florida by population with around 1.5 million residents. Despite being two counties away it is still considered part of the Miami metropolitan area, which is home to almost 6.5 million people. The tri-county area is by far the most densely populated region in Florida, but Palm Beach has the lowest population density of the three. Palm Beach is also the wealthiest county in the entire state of Florida, but the high per capita income and relatively low population density does not mean crime rates are particularly low. Florida Department of Law Enforcement reported that there were over 43,000 arrests in Palm Beach County in 2018, which is no small number. Of these 43 thousand there were close to 2,500 violent crime arrests, over 5,000 property crime arrests and around 2,800 juvenile arrests. The overall crime rate in the county went down over 10 percent from 2017 to 2018, but there are still far too many arrests and overcharging is rampant. An arrest is not a conviction, but too often the public assumes that a person who is charged must be guilty. Benjamin fights every day to uphold the principal of innocent until proven guilty, which has sadly been reduced to a movie tag line these days. Benjamin is a Palm Beach County criminal lawyer who defends clients charged with all types of cases at the West Palm, Palm Beach Gardens and Delray Beach courthouses.

Benjamin has extensive experience representing clients charged with violent crimes such as robbery, rape and battery and also has successfully represented hundreds of defendants in domestic violence cases. In addition, he has won numerous jury trials for traffic offenses such as DUI, and is also an experienced juvenile criminal defense attorney in South Florida. Benjamin understands the complex issues surrounding all juvenile criminal cases, and has the patience and the fight to convince the State to drop or reduce charges. He is also never afraid to go to trial if that is the best decision, and has over 75 jury trials to his credit. Benjamin represents clients in all areas of Palm Beach County including Boca Raton, Lake Worth and Jupiter and provides all clients with his cell phone for off hours access. He also specializes in representing out of state defendants and firmly believes that being available is one of the most important characteristics of a good criminal defense attorney. The last thing a defendant wants is to pay a lawyer and then be treated like a number until the day before trial. Benjamin takes the time to get to know all of his clients whether they are in custody, out on bond or under investigation. Call him anytime including nights or weekends at (954) 543-0305 for a free consultation, and start planning your defense.

Client Reviews
My family and I could not be more grateful for everything you did for me. I truly thought my future would be permanently impacted and I would never be able to join the military or even go to college. Because of your hard work I still have the opportunity to do both. Thank you so much! - T.S.
Hiring you was the best decision I’ve made in a long time. Thank you for supporting me and for your willingness to take the state to trial. Another lawyer may have tried to get me to take a plea, but you were ready to fight from day one. I’m so glad to have this case behind me, and have you to thank for it. - R.D.
I can’t thank you enough for your personal attention to the mess I got myself into. You don't know what a relief it is to be done with this criminal case. I never ever thought I would have been charged with a crime, but having you as my lawyer made the entire situation bearable. You gave me confidence that I would be able to overcome this from day one, and you followed through. Take care of yourself and your family, and thanks again for everything! - S.S.
You never backed down from the state, and you supported my decision to go to trial. Then you delivered in court. I appreciate you Ben. - T.C
I appreciate the hard work you put into my case, and my wife and I can’t thank you enough. Without you I could have lost everything. I’ll never forget what you did for me. - J.B.